North America

Hawaii: Kahuna Medicine and more

If you have a love of shamanic/indigenous healing techniques and are wanting to learn and or develop your skills to an even deeper level, I invite you to join us on our tour of Hawaii where we will venture off the beaten track to work with the native Kahuna’s of Hawaii. In Polynesia, “Esoteric Wisdom” is called Ka Huna, therefore a master of the esoteric wisdom hailing from the Hawaiian islands is known as a KAHUNA, a keeper of the secret wisdom.


Sedona: Hopi and Navajo Initiation

Join the people of the land…Come with us on a spiritual retreat, a sacred journey charged with a unique and undeniable energy. As you travel through the heart of Arizona you’ll experience its inspiring life force, and soon discover its remarkable aura.

Find your strength; reconnect…with this Sedona earth medicine retreat set against the backdrop of a truly holistic environment. Partake in a powerful space on private Navajo and Hopi land. This retreat is your chance to immerse yourself in the culture and wisdom of Hopi and Navajo spiritual teachers, and enlighten yourself with a different inspiring perspective.