Peru: A Transformational Journey

Stimulate the mind, invigorate the spirit


“A Transformational Journey – Stimulate the mind, invigorate the spirit”

Join us and embark on an unforgettable tour of Peru that invites you to explore the spiritual legacy of an ancient civilisation long passed; the ‘lost city’ and ruins of Machu Picchu. Exhilarating, challenging and life-affirming, your experience of the Sacred Valley will leave you energised as you spend time at sacred sites in ceremony with our beautiful medicine woman and man Wilma and Wilson. They share with love and wisdom the teachings of the Munay ki – the 9 great rites of initiation of the Medicine Way for the ancient Incan.

Feeling totally nurtured and alive as you experience the perfect mix of esoteric teachings from Willaru our Incan Master and the healing ceremonies performed by our shamans each day will captivate and transport you taking you places you had never imagined. From the evocative music of the panpipes to the many shopping opportunities in the thriving markets you will not want to leave. Imagine, what it feels like meditating in one of the most powerful spots in the world. This is the perfect introduction to Peru as you share in the ancient wisdom from our very special guides – you arrive one way and return home another. Revived, refreshed and ready for the next step on your spiritual path.

Journey of a Lifetime

Thank you Sharon, for a journey of a lifetime! We went to so many beautiful places and met the most wonderful people. Our guides were inspirational, the Shaman, Wilson, amazing and Vilma our medicine woman, so in touch and beautiful. The journey brought Clive and I even closer together. We shared many a laugh, and the journey brought great learning, understanding and joy. I would recommend Lifestyle Journeys to anyone looking for a spiritual journey to open the heart and broaden the senses. Thank you again Sharon for making it all possible.

Kim Donohue

Kim Donohue

Special Spiritual Tours

My introduction to Sharon Breslin involved an email enquiry about a trip to Arizona with Lifestyle Journeys. With promptness, professionalism and yet great warmth, a reply arrived that immediately had me hooked. As it happened, Arizona was not on the agenda until the following year but I immediately warmed to the writer of my email. When I later spoke to Sharon, following our email discussion, I was further entranced with her passion for sharing amazing venues and transformational adventures. The next thing I knew, I was on a plane to Peru! With Sharon at the helm in Peru, I experienced the most rewarding and powerful weeks of my Spiritual path. It was simply enhanced by the care that Sharon took to ensure the needs of all our group were met with careful pre-planning. With all physical and emotional cares looked after by Lifestyle Journeys and Spiritual opportunities on offer, there was nothing to do but enjoy and grow! I loved every second of our travels together and would do it again in the blink of an eye.
Sharon is experienced, supportive, caring and efficient, while being a true professional and also encouraging of each persons path towards personal development whether it be as an adventurer, a Spiritual seeker or a traveller of historical venues. Somehow I just feel complete! Thank you Sharon for offering something so very special and so different from other tours. I am saving for another one!!

Customer Story

Alex, Peru Tour 2014

A Transformational Journey through the land of the Incas

My recent journey to Peru with Lifestyle Journeys was certainly inspirational and transforming on many levels. I have always been drawn to this ancient land and the esoteric knowledge that it holds. This authentic journey provided me with access to timeless knowledge through the Inca Spiritual teachers who introduced the group to their land, beliefs and culture. The ancient practices they taught provided me with tools to make important shifts in my thinking, which I will highly value for my journey through life. As a Landscape Designer and Feng Shui Practitioner I was very single minded about what I wanted to experience but distractions like the beauty of the landscape, the people, their food and of course the shopping made this a colourful adventure. I highly recommend you add this trip to your bucket list.

Rosemary Nelson

Rosemary Nelson

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