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Spain: The Celtic Way to Santiago

Legend has it that the stars of the Milky Way were created by the dust kicked up by those walking their Camino pilgrimage; your journey will follow in the footsteps of these tens of thousands of pilgrims who have walked this path since the Middle Ages, and who continue to do so today. Go on your own personal pilgrim walk!

Peru: A Transformational Journey

Join us and embark on an unforgettable tour of Peru that invites you to explore the spiritual legacy of an ancient civilisation long passed; the ‘lost city’ and ruins of Machu Picchu. Exhilarating, challenging and life-affirming, your experience of the Sacred Valley will leave you energised as you spend time at sacred sites in ceremony with our beautiful medicine woman and man Wilma and Wilson. They share with love and wisdom the teachings of the Munay ki – the 9 great rites of initiation of the Medicine Way for the ancient Inca.


Bhutan: An Ancient Spiritual Path

Step back in time…..and embrace the pure energy of Bhutan….as we travel over spectacular mountain passes, through valley floors and onto ancient cities where you will experience a mixture of modern development alongside ancient traditions. Climb up to one of the most famous of Bhutan’s monasteries, perched on the side of a cliff 900m above the Paro floor.

Sedona: Hopi and Navajo Initiation

Join the people of the land…Come with us on a spiritual retreat, a sacred journey charged with a unique and undeniable energy. As you travel through the heart of Arizona you’ll experience its inspiring life force, and soon discover its remarkable aura.

Find your strength; reconnect…with this Sedona earth medicine retreat set against the backdrop of a truly holistic environment. Partake in a powerful space on private Navajo and Hopi land. This retreat is your chance to immerse yourself in the culture and wisdom of Hopi and Navajo spiritual teachers, and enlighten yourself with a different inspiring perspective.


Hawaii: Kahuna Medicine and more

For all of those budding healers out there who have a love of shamanic/indigenous healing techniques and are wanting to develop their skills to an even deeper level, I invite you to join me on a tour of Hawaii where we will venture off the beaten track to work with the native Kahuna’s of Hawaii. In Polynesia “Esoteric Wisdom” is called Ka Huna, therefore a master of the esoteric wisdom hailing from the Hawaiian islands is known as a KAHUNA, a keeper of the secret wisdom.